Dedes & Associates Law Firm

Dedes and Associates Law Firm was founded in 1951 in Corinth, Greece and has expanded to the City of Athens later on. The office offers a wide range of legal services and provides an integrated frame of advice, covering every aspect and satisfying the requirements of both corporate and private entities. The office employs a large number of experienced and well qualified lawyers operating in various areas of law. Our top priority is to construct a strong and trustful relationship with our clients, making it clear that the main concern and purpose of our legal team is to conduct our business in the most professional and beneficial for our clients, way. Every issue posed by our clients will be solved in the most practical and effective way.

Choosing an attorney is an important decision and should not be taken lightly. We believe you should hire an attorney who you feel comfortable with. We believe that our core values of integrity, communication, respect, and results set us apart from the rest. Though you have many choices, we believe that the following characteristics of our firm allow us to create a superior relationship with our clients.

We Get Results

Our office has obtained results to back up our highly-rated practice and reputation. Our firm has also been rated as having a very high adherence to professional standards of conduct, ethics and diligence. Past results do not guarantee future results, but hiring D&A Law Law Firm means you are hiring a firm with a proven track record.

We Care About Our Clients

Our firm cares about your family. Our firm is small enough to provide each client direct contact with his or her lawyer, but large enough to offer the legal muscle necessary to get just results. Attorney of D&A Law Firm group pride themselves on compassionate, caring, and responsive representation. The numerous past client testimonials attest to this.